Month: February 2014


Go Home, Winter

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Considering the past few winters have been fairly mild, I don’t have any room to complain. But people being people, I’m still saying this winter can …


Sony’s Vita Problem

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The history of video games is littered with failures and object lessons in how to not to market a console. For every success such as the …


Kia and the Matrix Commercial

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So the Super Bowl wasn’t the Broncos lovefest most were expecting – I mean, wow – but the commercials were for the most part pretty decent. …


Huelux by Randy Halverson

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Found this over in a article: some impressive time-lapse photography by Randy Halverson. Well-worth taking a look; the imagery is breathtaking.


The Thirteen Doctors

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No, not a new Doctor Who adventure (yet), but rather, a fantastic illustration by Paul Hanley.  Take a look.