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Trelby 2.2 Won’t Install on Linux? Try This Download

Trelby is a free screenwriting software available for Windows and Linux. Recently, when I installed GalliumOS on my Chromebook (a topic for another time), I sought out a variety of software to install; chief among them were apps for writing. When I discovered Trelby was a thing, I promptly downloaded it and ran into software dependency issues, the bane of any Linux install.

After much troubleshooting and research, I found that the issue was with the existing Trelby 2.2 install. Being a few years out of date, it wasn’t compatible with the latest version of Ubuntu and variants. A fixed version was available in source code, but required compiling it into a package for installation.

Thankfully, a kind soul compiled and made the Linux package available ahead of the developers themselves.  Head over to the Google Groups post and grab the updated Debian package.