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[Music] Emotionless ATMs, “Suburban Club America”

I may have made a thing.

I recently discovered Soundation, an online music creation and sharing tool. I started messing around with their impressive Chrome Studio, and got hooked on taking loops and forging music tracks. I found it incredibly relaxing (if maddening) at times.

So after sharing some works-in-progress with friends, and with their continued encouragement, I’ve decided to share the first of 4 tracks on a collection (or what they called back in the day, an “EP”) I’ve put together called Fear of Ghosts¬†under the project name Emotionless ATMs.

The project name comes from an in-joke the wife and I have. I’ll share that story another time.

The first track has been shared on Soundation, called “Suburban Club America“. Please feel free to give it a listen and download.