Review: The Walking Dead Game Season 2

Review: The Walking Dead Game Season 2

TellTale games brings us back to the video game incarnation of The Walking Dead, this time centering the story squarely on the poor shoulders of Clementine, who (shocking spoilers ahead) survived the events of the last game. TellTale makes the bold move of featuring a child as the protagonist of the series, and in doing so opens up the story to a unique perspective rarely seen in the genre; namely, what does a lone child do to survive in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-filled world?

Unfortunately, the premise doesn’t always pay off, and we’re left with a very uneven sophomore effort.

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Throwback Interview: Paul Cornell (2002)

Throwback Interview: Paul Cornell (2002)

Years ago, I had a column I wrote on the defunct Who Central site, which covered the then-current Eighth Doctor series of Doctor Who novels, writing reviews, thoughts, and the occasional interview.  For the purposes of archiving, I will be reprinting the author interviews I performed during this time period.  This interview is from 2002.

Q: First, let’s start with some of the basics.  How did you get into writing?  Was it a passion since childhood?

A:  Yes, I remember the actual occasion.  I got angry with an essay assigned to me by my English teacher when I was about ten, and instead of completing the essay as per instructions, as I had always done, I wrote pages and pages of stuff, going off in all directions.  I assumed she was going to be furious, but it turned out that, oddly, was what the purpose of essays had been all along.

My school essays turned into a series of interconnected secret agent stories then, characters from which showed up in my first Doctor Who fan fiction stories, which were published in the fanzine Cygnus Alpha.  Again, these formed a series, and one such story, ‘Total Eclipse’, serialized in Queen Bat, became the basis for my first Who novel.  So there’s a direct connection between that moment of breakthrough and getting published.

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musicHEADsphere 1.1

musicHEADsphere 1.1

Above you, one by one, the stars are dying out. A darkness is spreading across the cosmos, consuming stars and planets. Your eyes are perceiving them much quicker than normal. Time is breaking down. This was anticipated.

You look around. You cannot tell if you are on a moon or some long-dead world. Mountains jut into the sky like the shattered bones of giants. There is no wind. No activity. You are not breathing. Utter silence engulfs you. You cannot remember how you came to be here. This is understandable. The interface is still calibrating. A slight hum. Calibrating.

You discern me. I am surprised, but only for a moment.  I doubt that you notice.

Then you experience it: a flash.  A memory. Light. A question forms in your mind, and you ponder how to express it, until at length you make a decision.

“I want to know how the Light began,” you ask.  

And I show you.


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