So here we are. Another year, another new blog from Julio.

Admittedly, I haven’t been blogging very much this year. One look at my latest Blogger site will tell you that I have been very lax for the better part of this year in that department. I hope to correct that with this blog.

But why a new site? Signal dot Noise is (in my opinion) a nice name for a blog but it doesn’t say a lot about me. That’s what’s been lacking in the names I have chosen over the years, and I have always struggled with the notion that every blog should have a nice that it fits into. So, over the years, I have had sites named The Next Chamber, Vox Bomb, and Signal dot Noise, but never got into a niche.  With the new site and name of Julio in Progress, it says everything about me and what I intend to cover. I’m hoping that it will rejuvenate my blog writing.  And while I will never be as prolific, consistent, and topical as, say, Allyn Gibson, I hope to get back to what I was a few years ago.

And so, here we go…