I will again be at the Farpoint sci-fi convention this year, held at the Crown Plaza in Timonium, MD. So far I will be participating on the following panels:


Saturday 2pm, Ridgley 2

Comics – Paper or Web?

Saturday 4pm, Ridgely 2

Audio Dramas – I Can Do That?

Sunday 2pm, Ridgely 2

I’m grateful to have been invited back again and I’m looking forward to the event.  Clearly those blackmail photos are coming through for me.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

13 Replies to “Farpoint 2012 Schedule”

  1. I wanted to be on the Blogging panel, but I’m on the Media Tie-Ins of 2011 panel at the same time.

    I might attend the Audio Drama panel on Sunday; I’ll be done with my programming by that time.

      1. None of the things I pitched landed on the schedule. That’ll save me thought and energy when it comes time to pitch panels for Shore Leave; I’ll just recycle the e-mail. 🙂

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